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Tier 1 Visa - Investor (Points-based System) 

UK Immigration for Investors


Tier 1 investor visa is especially devised for those individuals who can afford to invest a substantial amount of money in the UK, without the need of a sponsorship certificate from a licensed sponsor for entry clearance.


In place of HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme), this investor visa uses Most Highly Skilled Applicants system to make their way to the UK as effortless and quick as possible.


Tier 1 Investor Visa General Requirements

The investor visa does not require the candidates to be proficient in English language. Since the candidates are unlikely to work, the requirement to be proficient in English is deemed unnecessary. The specific requirements for tier 1 investor visa are as follows.

  • The candidate must be able to invest minimum £1 million. This money should belong to the candidate, and the money should be stored in a financial institution regulated by the UK governing bodies. The required money must be disposable in the UK.
  • The value of personal assets belonging to the candidate must worth more than £2 million including all his liabilities.
  • The amount of money held in financial institutions regulated by the United Kingdom must not be less than £1 million. This amount may also include the loaned money provided the financial institution that provides the loan is properly regulated by FSA (Financial Services Authority).


Wise Step would prepare your Tier 1 Investor visa application to the best attainable standard assuring you of its approval by the decision maker. Please contact us for more information on your Investor Visa application.


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