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Sponsorship Licence - Educational Institutions


There are specific duties as a sponsor of students under the sponsor licence scheme. You will need to be fully accredited by a recognised regulatory body for your particular nature of courses provided by your educational institution. The aim of the UK Border Agency is to eliminate all abuse of the system and ensure that those who travel to or remain in the United Kingdom solely for the purposes of studies are genuine and comply with the immigration rules.

As a sponsor it is your duty to assign confirmation of acceptance for studies CAS only when assured that a prospective student has the ability and intention to complete their course. You are required to check adequate previous qualifications and or language skills are possessed by your prospective students. Generally you are required to assess to the best possible standard prospective applicants and ensure that they fulfil entry and completion requirements of their courses and ability to meet their costs whilst studying in the United Kingdom. Remember that the whole scheme is to remove abuse of the route.

Quite importantly sponsors are required to report certain migrant activity. A sponsor is required to report to the UK Border Agency should a student miss 10 expected contacts, withdraws from their course or fails to register or enrol at the commencement of their course.

Wise Step would conduct an initial audit to assess compliance status, identify compliance issues and advice on the compliant status of your organisation and would advice on systems that need to be implemented or amended to ensure an A rating is granted by the UK Border Agency, of your application. Wise Step would prepare your application to the best attainable standard with precise advice on the merits of your case thereby assuring you of its approval by the decision maker. All of our applications have been granted an A rating by the UK Border Agency to date.