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Canadian Migration Visa


How to Apply for Canadian Migration Visa:

Canadian Visas :

The Canadian government has recently taken pivotal steps to accelerate processing times for all new Canada visa applications. In their recent announcement it was disclosed that their intention is to ensure that applications for the FSWP under the Express Entry Route will be processed within a shorter time span of 6-12 months perhaps even less.

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Applicants must undergo our preliminary assessment to establish eligibility. In this regards, Wisestep will assess applicant’s educational qualifications. Wisestep will ensure that your educational qualification is verified and assessed by reputable Canadian organization that holds relevant expertise in verifying and evaluating foreign educational qualifications. They will ensure that your qualification is accurately assessed to establish a satisfactory equivalence required by Canadian visa requirements. No doubt, there are numerous organizations in Canada that are approved to provide this service.

However Wisestep will ensure that an appropriately designated organization conducts your educational equivalent assessment to meet the Canadian government requirement that is mandatory to submit under the new Express Entry route. Applicants are reminded that this is a prerequisite and it is in everyone’s best interest to swiftly assess the available education qualifications to enable an informed view on the status so as to submit your application under the new route.

Applicants do not need to demonstrate that they have a job earmarked as an eligibility requirement for FSWP, Wisestep can assist to provide access to best and useful job search tool in Canada. Wisestep will ensure that you have access to regularly updated list of up to 50 Canadian job openings in your specific field of activity monthly. Wisestep will advise applicants on structuring their resume/CV. These will be posted on Canadian job sites. The emphasis is to provide extensive and wide exposure enabling them to be accessed by Canadian employers looking for the specific skills held by applicants like you.

Wisestep can and will provide all assistance you require in the preliminary stage and indeed through the process including where applicants require follow up help with liaising with prospective employers in Canada who may have contacted you. This can include direct communicate with prospective employers to allay any fears or concerns they may in relation to you or hiring you at a time you may not have – as yet – been granted permanent residence in Canada.

Wisestep will aim to have your application prepared, submitted and approved in line with your instructions and the requirements of the Canadian immigration provisions. However, where inadvertently and applicant’s applicant cannot succeed for reason of the cap being implemented or the limit has been reached as well as falling ineligible under the FSWP,

Wisestep . will retain the application in line with your instructions and will regularly re assess your qualifications against set criteria and indeed the various other 60 or so categories of Canadian immigration visas – all of which can lead to permanent residence visa.
Wisestep is pleased to state that a good majority of our clients have taken advantage of our ability identify specific and relevant visa routes that have sprung successful applications for distinct clients and indeed within the wide range of immigration routes.

Even where certain visa schemes close or their limits are capped or exhausted, Wisestep will look for alternative and viable options to assist you obtain your Canadian visa with a view to achieving permanent residence in Canada under the law.

Contact us with your intention and we can advise and assist you on all areas of your prospective visa application. Be rest assured that you will receive excellent and tailor made advice and support throughout the process of your visa application.

Wisestep awaits your call or email regarding your factual situation and we will provide you with informed and comprehensive consultation. Following on we look forward to assist you meticulously prepare and submit your application with emphasis on focus for its approval.

Wisestep has a very high success rate for visa applications. We can provide all the assistance to ensure your application also is approved.

There are extremely great benefits of obtaining Canadian visas. You will be in a position to live and work in Canada and in due course qualify for Canadian citizenship.