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Australian Migration Visa

How to Apply for Australian Migration Visa:

Wisestep will assist you to prepare your documents and indeed application for visa. We are passionately involved from start to finish of the visa processing. Wise step immigration is not affiliated with the Australian Government. Wisestep provides independent advice.There are several categories for Australian visas including Working Holiday, Investment Visa, Tourist, Partner Visa and Parent Visa. There is also Student Visa. Wisestep will provide a comprehensive service that includes consultation, immigration advice from a trusted and regulated firm. We have an excellent success rate, We are clearly result oriented and our approach to providing you the service you require is to ensure you receive excellent quality and assured service.

Australian preliminary screening requirements:

  • Points Checker: Age – Applicants must be aged under 50 years before lodging application and obtain points. Applicants require a minimum of 60 points to qualify for Australian Skilled Visa.
  • English language- Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English language in order to work and live in Australia – this requirement should reach a competent level
  • Finding Occupation on SOL or CSOL List –applicants must ensure their skills are listed these lists. An applicant’s occupation must be listed and sponsored by a state in Australia.
  • Skills assessment– Applicants applying for permanent residence must demonstrate that their skills are assessed by an assessing authority listed next to their occupation. Applicants will therefore be required to provide verification of qualifications and references from current or relevant employment.
  • Health assessment – Applicants must demonstrate that they are in good health and obtain appropriate medical check/report having had medical assessment by approved medical professionals or medical centre.
  • Police checks – Applicants should also demonstrate that they are of good character.
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Applying for Student Visa >>
Applying for Business Investor or Entrepreneurship Visa >>

Australian Working holiday visa scheme affords the opportunity for applicants to obtain visa with working rights whilst staying in Australia. The employment that is undertaken under this scheme enables successful visa holders to supplement their stay while they are in Australia. There is a comprehensive list of participating countries in this scheme. Please see attached list. Do not be discouraged if your country is not listed. Wisestep can review suitable and appropriate visa options for you to explore.

List of Countries :

• United Kingdom
• Canada
• Belgium
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• Italy
• Japan
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Republic of Ireland
• Republic of Cyprus
• Republic of Korea
• Sweden
• Taiwan

Requirements under the scheme :

• Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30 years old to apply
• Applicants must hold a valid passport with 6 months validity before renewal is due
• Applicants must hold sufficient funds for maintenance for entire stay upon arrival in Australia. An immigration officer at the border can request this proof at port of entry.
• Applicants must hold Working Holiday Visa for Australia, Health Clearance and meet good character requirement as such have no major health issues
• Applicants must not have any substantial criminal convictions. Where there are any convictions, these must be declared whilst application is being lodged

Extending your visa :

Under this scheme, there is allowance to extend and initial 12 months visa to 24 months. In order to do so, applicants must demonstrate that they have undertaken regional work for 88 days. Extensions application can be submitted in country or out of country.

Applications for student visa to Australia may only be submitted form overseas – hence outside of Australia.

Requirements for Student Visa :

• Applicants must hold acceptable health insurance obtained through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). the cover must include applicants along with any dependent family members applying and accompanying the main applicant on the application. the health insurance is an online application. Wisestep can assist you to obtain your health insurance as required under the scheme.
• Applicants must hold an acceptance letter from the university or college that they intend to study at in Australia.
• Applicants must demonstrate that they do not have any outstanding debt owed the Australian government. Any outstanding debts owed the Australian government must be settled upon arrival in Australia.
• Applicants must suitable and acceptable accommodation arrangements in place where they are aged under 18. This can be provided by applicants themselves or their university
• Applicants must be compliant with permitted working rights – 20 hours during term time and full time whilst on holidays

Visa restrictions this route :

Applicants must understand conditions set against their student visa. Where applicant breach the conditions on their student visa, they risk cancellation of their visa and imminent removal from Australia.

Applicants must remain enrolled in a registered course of study – save students on Defense courses or secondary exchange. In all circumstances students are required to maintain full-time enrollment on their course of study or training.

Applicants must continue to study their nominated course. They must also satisfy the attendance criteria. Students may be sporadically required to provide satisfactory evidence of attendanceand progress on all of their modules and indeed studies. This will need to be verified by course tutor or lecturer at the nominated university.

Student visa processing may can take 3-5 months to finalize. Applicant’s must demonstrate that they hold sufficient funds before submitting application for student visa. In addition, applicants must ensure that they hold the required English language proficiency test certificate along with conditional offer letter from their college/university.

The Australian Business Investor or Entrepreneurship visa scheme has been set in place to encourage established and or business minded people to migrate to live in Australia and contribute to her economy. The scheme looks to attract net worth potential in this sector to boost the Australian economy and indeed global presence and standing.

Requirements for Business Investor or Entrepreneurship Visa :

• Applicants must You must overseas business owner an they may also be sole proprietors or other joint business ventures
• Applicants must demonstrate that they plan to establish, develop or own a business in Australia which may include an existing or a new business
• Applicants need sponsorship by a nominated State/Territory. This in essence requires the applicant to hold a viable business plan that is accepted and approved by a state
• The investment value must reach the threshold or minimum investment criteria
• Applicants must be willing and ready to invest in their chosen State/Territory within Australia.
• Applicants must have access to a minimum1.5 million in investment funds held in currency or assets
• Applicants must demonstrate that they have attributes of 65 points in the points test as required under the Australian immigration rules.
Contact us with your intention and we can advise and assist you on all areas of your prospective visa application. Be rest assured that you will receive excellent and tailor made advice and support throughout the process of your business visa application.

Wisestep will cater for every need you may have regarding your visa. You more than likely will be granted four or five year temporary business visa. Following on you become eligible for permanent residence visa. High-calibre business migrants become eligible for direct permanent residence visa where they are nominated by the State/Territory governments known as the Business Talent Hub visa.

Wisestep awaits your call or email regarding your factual situation and we will provide you with informed and comprehensive consultation. Following on we look forward to assist you meticulously prepare and submit your application with emphasis on focus for its approval.

Wisestep has a very high success rate for visa applications. We can provide all the assistance to ensure your application also is approved.

There are extremely great benefits of obtaining Australian visas. You will be in a position to live and work in Australia and in due course qualify for Australian citizenship