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Wisestep - Immigration Service Provider

We specialise in all areas of immigration service provider law however we realise that many of our clients have particular areas of interest. We have therefore broken down our service provision in to various categories so you can access the information which is most relevant to you.


- Tier 1

This is for people who are classified as highly skilled. This category includes: PSW (Post Study Worker); The Tier 1 General Highly Skilled (similar to HSMP); Entrepeneur and Investor Categories.


- Tier 2

This category is for those who are classified as a skilled worker. It is similar to a work permit and allows the holder to work in the UK with a particular employer. This also includes shortage occupations and is also available for some of those who have found employment and wish to switch from a Tier 4 Student Visa.


- Tier 4

This is for students who wish to come to the UK to study for a course of over six month or more either at a Tier 4 registered college or university. This category can lead on to the Post Study Work Visa or Tier 2.



Are you the partner of a European national? Are you looking to join the Workers Registration Scheme or require a work permit? We can help!


- Sponsor Licence Applications / Appeals / Long Residence / Human Rights... and many more!

We can conduct your audits and prepare your sponsor licence application having ensured that you are fully compliant with the requirements. Should you need representation at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (court) we are able to help. We are able to help in almost any immigration case: should you wish to apply for a residence permit, need advice about naturalisation, need a certificate of approval for marriage or any other matter we can help!