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Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa


UK Visa for Minister of Religion

The Tier 2 Visa, Minister of Religion is offered to applicants who have been offered employment, specific roles or posts within their faith in the UK such as Missionaries, Members of religious orders or religion ministers undertaking pastoral or preaching positions.

If you are a Minister of Religion or a missionary hoping to remain or gain entry in the UK you can apply for a Tier 2 Visa - Minister of Religion. Here you will get all the valuable resources, to help you to apply for a Tier 2 UK Visa.


Pastoral and Preaching Duties include:


  • · Leading religious worship on a regular basis and on other special faith occasions.
  • · Being the official at marriages, funerals and other special religious services
  • · Offering welfare support and counselling to members of your congregation.
  • · Training, recruiting or the coordinating of Lay preachers and volunteers.


Work as a missionary can also include:


  • · Organisation of missionary capacity (Not administrative or clerical duties, unless filling a senior post).
  • · Supervision of staff.
  • · Being in charge of a particular activity such as accounts, IT or translating religious texts and documents.
  • · Co-ordinating the organisation and activities of missionary work.


The Tier 2 UK visa requires that religious work be carried out inside a religious building, or at a designated place outside the order.

Before you apply for a UK Tier 2 Visa you should consult with our immigration specialists, who can provide you with Tier 2 policy guidance.


Do You Need A UK Visa Tier 2?


Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa is part of the UK immigration points system. It is specifically designed for non European migrants. You do not need this visa if:


  • · You are a national from the European Community or Switzerland. European Nationals covers your right to work in the UK.
  • · You are a British Nationals from overseas countries. This doesn't apply for sovereign base areas in Cyprus.
  • · You are a Commonwealth citizens, who have permission to enter and stay within the UK, because one grandparent was born in the UK.
  • · Your partner or parents (if you are under 18 years of age) has obtained permission to stay in the UK, with a Tier 2 UK Visa.
  • · You have no restriction on the duration of your stay.


For more information regarding your Tier 2 Visa Minister of Religion application please get advice from a UK immigration specialist today. Contact us on