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Tier 2 Visa - Intra Company Transfer


When Multinational companies fill a vacancy by transferring existing employees from another nation due to lack of qualified local workforce, it is called Intra-Company Transfers or ICT.

A non-citizen can work in a country for a specific period at a particular position in a company through a tier 2 visa intra company transfer work permit.

To be eligible, the person should have been employed with the company for a minimum of 6 months prior to such transfer. Additionally, the one intended to be transferred should have the required qualifications and knowledge to obtain a tier-2 visa intra company transfer successfully.

Whether the application needs to be made by the sponsoring company or employee varies from country to country.


Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Visa Duration:


An ICT visa application can be made for a minimum 1 day period to a maximum 5 year period and depends entirely on the length of time requested by the sponsoring company.

The final duration granted is entirely dependent on the discretion of the government of the country to which such transfer is being made to. At the expiry of this tier 2 visa intra company transfer, the employees have to return to their home country, and these permits in no way are to be considered a route to settlement.


Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Visa Eligibility Criteria:




The position needed to be filled by the ICT should be level 3 NVQ or above for the applicant to be eligible. Also, in case the candidate is a member of a specific profession they may be required to be registered with the appropriate governing body.




The candidate must have one of the following:


  • · One year of experience if the degree is non-relevant
  • · A relevant degree.
  • · Three years of experience if there is No degree


History of Employee within the company


There needs to be documentary evidence that the employee who is intended to be transferred has been an employee of the sponsoring company for a period of at least six months before applying for tier 2 visa intra company transfer.


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