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Tier 2 General Visa Point Based System Tier 2

Tier 2 General Visa is essentially for skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area with a job offer in the United Kingdom.

Under this scheme an applicant needs to demonstrate that their prospective job is on the UK Border Agency shortage occupation list, the job meets the resident labour market test or where the applicant is joining a company branch, is switching from the post study worker scheme.

It prevents labour shortages in industries operating in the United Kingdom. Ministers of Religion, Intra-Company Transfers, and even Sportspersons can also avail specific sponsored worker visas under tier-2 visa UK.

Once granted temporary residence under these visa schemes, the applicant can work in UK up to a maximum of three years or for the time given on the sponsorship certificate, whichever is shorter.


How to qualify for Tier 2 General Visa:

You are eligible for Tier 2 Genertal Visa if you have the following qualifications:

  • A job offer from a properly licensed employer from UK and a valid Employment Certificate from that employer.
  • Satisfy all the requirements of UKBA maintenance (funds).
  • Satisfy all the requirements for UKBA English.
  • Should at least Score 70 points in the Tier 2 test.


Tier 2 General Visa Points:

You must be able to score a total of 70 points to be eligible for Tier 2 General Visa. From which 50 points are for having a certificate of sponsorship and for being paid an appropriate salary, this is called ´attributes´.


  • You can score 30 points if you have been provided with a sponsorship certificate by your employer under following circumstances:
  • The annual salary of the job is at least £ 150,000.
  • The job should be on the list of shortage occupation
  • Sponsoring employee has passed the test for labour market.
  • Applicant wants to extend his stay in the UK and continue to work with the same employer.
  • An additional 20 points are granted under tier 2 visa general if the salary of the applicant is at least GBP 20,000.
  • Fluency in English up to the required standard helps you score another 10 points for tier-2 visa UK.
  • Another compulsory 10 points that need to be scored for tier-2 visa general are the ones that you earn by proving that you possess sufficient funds to maintain yourself while in UK.


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