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Tier 1 Visa - Points Based System

Points Based System - Tier 1

While applying for your tier 1 immigration visa, you do not require any employment offer from a UK company. Here, the emphasis is on selecting the expert and skilled applicants, as well as people who can make a substantial investment in the UK. Our UK immigration specialists can effectively help you apply for tier 1 visa UK under one of the following mentioned categories.


General Visa: Tier 1 general visa is no longer open to new applicants, however there is still a possibility for people already in the United Kingdom for extending their leave and applying for settlement.


Exceptional Talent Visa: The category of exceptional talent is devised to attract skilled and talented individuals from all over the world to UK. Actually it depends on the skill levels of individuals, and applicants have to prove that they are expert in their respective fields. You can take an assessment test to determine if you meet the requirements. You must score at least 75 points to qualify under the point based system of tier 1 immigration visa.


Investors Visa: This category of tier 1 immigration visa is targeted at individuals who are willing to make substantial investments in the UK. Here, also you need to score at least 75 points to qualify. You can accomplish this by investing £1,000,000 as the minimum amount, and you must have over £2,000,000 as personal assets with a loan more than £1,000,000 to invest in the UK.


Entrepreneur Visa: Here the individuals must invest in the UK economy, but the investors must also control the business. In short, you must be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. In order to qualify for Entrepreneur category of tier 1 visa UK, candidates must score 95 points.


Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: This visa category is especially devised for those individuals who are already in the UK as a student. The main purpose of this visa is that UK government can easily retain budding entrepreneurs with the help of this visa. You will need a total of 95 points to qualify.


Tier 1 visa UK is especially devised to attract most talented and smartest workers as well businessmen and investors from all over the world. If you think that you fall in any one of these categories contact us on, our skilful UK immigration lawyers will help you get you tier 1 immigration visa in the shortest possible time.