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Nationality - Naturalization as a British Citizen


Naturalization as a British Citizen

Application for naturalization as a British citizen can be submitted to the UK Border Agency providing certain specified criteria is met. An applicant must normally demonstrate that they are aged 18 or over and have been living in the United Kingdom for the preceding five years. Applicants must have been granted indefinite leave to stay in the United Kingdom or qualify by derived rights. Other applicants who are married to or are civil partners of a British citizen may be eligible to apply once they have completed living in the United Kingdom under the probationary period - plus one year - three years in total. Applications are also entertained from spouses or civil partners of persons in crown or designated service outside the United Kingdom. We would access your case on individual basis, advice on the facts of your particular circumstance. Wise Step would prepare your application to the best attainable standard with precise advice on the merits of your case thereby assuring you of its approval by the decision maker.