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EEA Regulations - Dependent Relatives


Other dependent relatives of a national of the European Economic Area may be allowed to travel to the United Kingdom to along with their EEA member who intends to work, study, seek work or settle if they are self sufficient or retired as they would be exercising treaty rights of free movement within the European Economic Area - EEA Regulations 2006.

Such dependent relatives would be required to establish that they are dependent relatives as claimed and that they are accompanying or have come to joint their EEA national who is present in the United Kingdom exercising treaty rights. Parents of EEA nationals exercising treaty rights in the United Kingdom are granted EEA rights of residence in line with their EEA national relatives. Other dependent relatives are required to demonstrate that they have lived with their EEA national relative within the European Economic Area other than the United Kingdom prior to their arrival. Wise Step would prepare your application to the best attainable standard with precise advice on the merits of your case thereby assuring you of its approval by the decision maker.