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Congratulations! You’ve Got Your Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand! Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve Got Your Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand! Now What?

So you decided to come on a working holiday in New Zealand. I bet you are really enthusiastic about the idea of ​​living abroad you should be. New Zealand is beautiful with its mountains, beaches and other beautiful scenery. It is full of relaxed and friendly people from all over the world. You only get a working-holiday visa for New Zealand in your life and you want the best of it. I did a work visa for the New Zealand vacation in 2015 and have stayed there ever since. I also work in a backpacker and have met a lot of vacationers. I have seen that people are struggling to find work, and others flourish. I wanted to give advice and suggestions.

There are many people on holiday working in New Zealand and Australia. I was very surprised at the numbers when I arrived for the first time. There is competition for jobs, especially depending on where you look.

(1) If you can, try to get an experience of hospitality before going home. Try to get any job you can have in restaurants, he was waitress, coffee, rod, kitchen, etc. Or if that’s not your thing to try to get an experience in hotels with cleaning or the concierge. Here are the most jobs for people working vacations and they want to see the experience. Do you have a college degree and experience in a “correct career”? Do not play to find this kind of work here. They are based on a temporary holiday job and you must reach an agreement that they are most likely to do the slavish work that you have ever thought of at home. The good news is that you learn new skills and be a rounded person will.

(2) Do your research. Every year, many backpackers come to Queenstown (where I live) in April and May looking for work. They think it is wise, because it is just before the ski season, they think they will be one of the first to get a job. The reality is that this is one of the slowest times of the year, there is no one to rent and there are no jobs in June. Most of these hikers leave, frustrated, or end up spending a lot of money in the city while waiting for employment opportunities to start. Look inside when the busy seasons are the areas in which New Zealand and go from there.

(3) Living in an early hostel. Try to find work for housing. Talking to other people who have a job, is a good way to connect and find a job for himself. Knowing the right people can make a big difference. If there is a place you really want to work, spend time there, the staff knows. Then, when the opportunity arises, people will first come to you for work.

(4) Remember, you are looking for a job. Act professionally when you come around to ask for work, bring copies of your resume. Take the time to talk to people, and obviously you go from store to store. Remember, you are one of the many people looking for work. You want them to remember you. Take time to write smart letters if necessary. If English is not your native language, have someone review your resume. I saw him a real poor one is like in my day going directly to the compartment.

(5) Do not be discouraged if there is a city you really want and work are not there to keep it. Finally, you will find the work. The most patient people I have observed, are some of the biggest hits. If you find a good job, you can even lead to your sponsorship and more time in New Zealand. I have seen how many people are looking for a week after work, and then stop smoking and progress. If you are realistic, you will find work for housing, to keep you a little more, and do not steal your money at once, you will do well.

(6) Get your IRD number for a moment. If you can, find a place where you can get it in a day if you pay a small fee. Otherwise, it may take weeks to get it and you can do it so do not pay (unless you want to be taxed at 50%).

(7) Accept that it might be different. , So you want to go? To try something new? Some things are more expensive and make no sense. It is possible that you work different hours and have a different job than the one you are used to. Rather than complain, hug him!

Good luck and enjoy your working holiday in New Zealand!

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